EASA IR English Exam

EASA IR English exam at Aero Language. One of the very few in the region...

EASA IR English exam is required by the European Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011, Part FCL, statute FCL.055. Without the exam, the IR(A) qualification will not be endorsed into the license.

Flight examiner simulates communication between the pilot and the ATC, rates the IR English exam in real-time, and marks the exam PASS/FAIL.

The service can be useful for flight schools providing flight training for IR(A) qualification.

The applicant has to undergo an IFR flight simulation, where the flight examiner takes on the role of an ATC, and the applicant takes on the role of an IFR pilot. This is to make sure the applicant is able to use English in IR operations.

As a part of the IR English exam, the examiner focuses mainly on applicant's ability to respond to the following situations:

  • listening and comprehension of ATIS, flight planning
  • initial contact with ATC and flight permit
  • taxi clearance
  • emergency procedures during taxiing
  • takeoff clearance
  • departure procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • alternate airport diversion
  • holding patterns entry procedures
  • maintaining holding patterns
  • approach procedures
  • landing clearance and taxiing clear of runway
  • apron taxiing
  • preventing unauthorized runway incursions
  • engine switch off