EASA Examiner

Licence proficiency check is important for holders of EASA pilot licenses. It is necessary for revalidation of your qualifications. For instrument rating and any multi-engine aircraft rating, the licence proficiency check is required each 12 months. For any singlei-engine aircraft rating, the Licence proficiency check is required each 2 years. The validity of flight instructor and flight examiner certificate is 36 months. To have your qualifications revalidated, it is necessary to undertake licence proficiency check with a flight examiner>

The license skill tests, license proficiency checks, and assessments of competence provided by us can also be provided to applicants, whose licenses were not issued by the country (SOLI - state of licese issue), which authorized our examiners. Pilot licenses - LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A) and ATPL(A) have unlimited validity. Only instrument rating, class rating, and type ratings, along with instructor certificate need to be revalidated.

FE Flight Examiner

We are not only the Language proficiency examiners. Our colleagues from ProfiPilot are EASA flight examiners, type rating examiners and senior flight examiners. We provide license skill tests, license proficiency checks, and assessments of competence for several flight schools and airlines in Europe.

Combining all our services, you get the opportunity to have everything you need under one roof at ProfiPilot.

:EASA Flight examiners are authorized to perform the following exams: (license skill tests, license proficiency checks, and assessments of competence.

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ICAO English

ES EASA Senior examiner

Every flight examiner has to undertake the so-called examiner assessment of competence at least once a three years. The examiner assessment of competence can be provided only by an aviation authority inspector, or by an authorized senior flight examiner. Our staff members are certified EASA Senior Examiners providing the examiner assessments of competence.



TR Type Rating Examiner

To keep the endorsed EASA Type Rating valid a pilot has to undertake the licence proficiency check once a year. Our team members are authorised EASA Type Rating Examiner including the Senior TRE privileges for various aircraft types.

We will support private individuals as well as the operators for any kind of EASA Exam for following aircraft types:

  • Cessna 525 Citation (all variants)
  • Challenger 300 / 350
  • Bombardier CRJ Series (all variants)
  • Boeing 737
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