Cooperation with flight school

We're Your reliable Training partner. And not only as an ICAO English Exam provider...

We are your reliable partner for language proficiency training and language proficiency checking. We cooperate with  airlines and flight schools across Europe. Whether you are a flight school, an airline, a self-employed language trainer, or a flight examiner, get in touch with us, we will introduce you our B2B cooperation framework. If you need a reliable partner for your ICAO English testing, we are the language proficiency provider of your first choice.

 A team of highly qualified personnel is always ready to respond your inquiries. Along with the language proficiency services, the ProfiPilot Training is the training provider of your choice. As an EASA certified flight school, ProfiPilot Training can provide you with the wide range of the aviation trainings and courses.

IE ICAO English for Airline pilots

We provide the ICAO English Exam for aircrew as a turnkey solution (wet lease) or as a dry lease option for major operators in Europe.

If you need to carry out the ICAO English Exam often or you have a number of pilots to test, we can train and certify the language proficiency examiner to be able to carry-out an ICAO English within your airline.

 We are however ready to response all the challenges. Let's tailor our language proficiency services to your specific needs.

ICAO English
ICAO English

FS Flight School

The ICAO English exam is required for pilots involved into international communication including the pilots enrolled into the flight training. Student pilots might need an ICAO English language proficiency even before the first solo flight.

Besides the language proficiency training and ICAO English refresher, your flight school may benefit from IR English exam in accordance with FCL.055(d) for a trainees undertaking the instrument rating or basic instrument rating courses. Moreover our team consists of highly qualified EASA Examiners. We can provide you with the licence skill test, licence proficiency check or even instructor assessments or examiner assessment of competence.


FE Flight Examiners

EASA Flight Examiners and Type Examiners are often questioned if they can revalidate the language proficiency during the licence proficiency check. We have special cooperation framework to extend your examiner privileges to provide ICAO English exams for your clients. We will take care about all the language proficiency examiner training, your certification and exam administration.

Many pilots will surely appreciate this service as they can effectively save time by hitting two birds with one stone.

Should you as a EASA Examiner need to revalidate your examiner certificate, our EASA Senior examiner will gladly help you.


ICAO English
ICAO English

ET English Teachers

Doing the ICAO English Exams and the ICAO English refresher courses can become a solid side income. Your command of English is perfect. We will teach you what the ICAO English is about and how to provide the language proficiency exams. If you do not work in aviation, we'll introduce you basic aviation communication and technical matters. We won't make you a pilot, but you'll become familiar with what is required to provide your customers with flawless experience.

At the end of the course, you can provide the ICAO English Exams and the ICAO English refreshers as a stand-alone service under your own brand. 

FS Flight School

Besides ICAO English provider, we are certified EASA Flight schoolProfiPilot Training is your reliable training partner of your first choice. Our speciality is to provide the tailored-made training and cooperation framerowk for instructorsexaminers and other flight schools.


To tailor something to client's needs is easier to say than to do. Often, a whole group of professionals have to contribute in the process. You know your limits and your needs and we are profoundly familiar with legislations, regulations, and their limits. We are offering widest portfolio of EASA Flight trainings. Don't miss this chance and join our community today.

ICAO English