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Aviation English is a formal language

Aviation English is a special type of communication language that pilots use while flying an aircraft. This special use of English is important for safe and efficient operation of the aircraft in an airspace regardless of aircraft category. 
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BLOG: My ICAO English validity has expired

You have a problem. But we'll gladly assist.
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BLOG: Validity of ICAO English

The ICAO English qualification is time-limited except Level 6.
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BLOG: Where is ICAO language proficiency endorsed?

Where is ICAO English endorsed...?


We will simulate the ICAO English exam and tell you what to improve.

ICAO English
Our happy customers
  • B737 TRI/TRE, Language proficiency examiner

    It was a pleasure to join and complete the Language proficiency examiner course with Aero Language. From start to finish, the service and organisation has been excellent, so thank you.


  • ICAO English candidate


    It was incredible! Quite an experience :-)) The examiner was very experienced.

    Thank you! :-)
  • ICAO English examiner training


    I’ve really enjoyed the Language examiner course. Thank you for the pressure of participating 

  • Viktoriia

    LPE Training

    The LPE course was truly intensive and efficient. Each session was interactive and practical.
    The instructor provided the course takers with essential practical tools and proven methods of conducting and assessing the ICAO English exam.
    Appreciate all the in-depth knowledge and efforts that were embroidered into the LPE course.

  • Godefroy

    Langauge examiner training

    Very happy overall, the language examiner training course was very professional and teachable!

  • Grzegorz

    Language examiner training

    The Language examiner training went very smoothly and intensively.
    Very substantive training and a nice atmosphere , I'm glad I could take part in it.

    Course instructor very professionally guided us through the science of exam assessment and discussed in detail all the assessment principles and also presented the structure of your organization leaving no unanswered questions.

  • Alexia

    ICAO English candidate

    Professional, efficient and friendly from a to z.

  • Rami

    Language examiner training

    I made a good decision and I'm happy that I did it 

  • Marek

    ICAO English candidate

    My experience was great! 

    The course helped me improve my English aviation phraseology, but also to organize the way of communication in general. Dozen hours of classes with a person from ATC helped me clear up many doubts. 
  • Felipe

    ICAO English candidate

    Dear Team, 

    not much to say. Everything was very easy and fast. Now I am waiting for approval from the LBA. If everything works well I don’t think I have any complaints.

  • Joaquim

    ICAO English candidate

    It was great

  • Frank

    ICAO English candidate

    I would like to thank you for giving me an appointment so quickly. Aero Language's concept is very professional. Signing up on your website went smoothly. I would also like to thank Tomas, who is really doing a good job. I will definitely recommend you. 
    Many thanks

  • Lucian

    ICAO English candidate

    Thank you for your involvement.
    The exam was well organized and very precised giving me an unique oportunity to develop some new skills.
    I am excited to see you again next time.

  • Vasko

    ICAO English candidate

    Everything was perfect! Nikola is great examiner! Thanks for everything!

  • Christopher

    ICAO English candidate
    The organization and the paperwork for the exam was very easy and could be done in minutes. The exam experience was also very good! I would recommend Aero Language to anyone looking to take the English proficiency test. 
    Thank you again!
  • Captain Zoran TRI/TRE B737

    ICAO English candidate

    Everything was good. You did a job on a high professional level. 

  • Bastian

    Language proficiency examiner candidate

    I am very satisfied with LPE Training course. Course instructor is a very approachable good trainer and I look forward to start working with you as the course and also the testing body work very professional.

  • Samuel

    ICAO English candidates
    I’m an Italian recently getting in trouble with ENAC! We didn’t understand what happened But it has been sorted out by Aero Language positively! My license has been updated! This is the most important thing! 
    With this
    My very best regards to you and all  the staff! 
  • Samuel

    ICAO English candidate
    So in a nutshell, My experience has surely been 5 stars ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐️.
    I would encourage everyone to get the exam with Aero Language! 
    It would be an honor for me to be your promoter and a testimonial ! 
    THANKS ! 
  • Samuel

    ICAO English candidate

    Previous to this experience with  Aero Language , I got the TEA one a couple of times , which is quite different in structure and flow ! Yours is much more realistic and less stressful ! Good job guys! 

  • Samuel

    ICAO English candidate

    The Language Examiner, Ms. Emilia, was very well prepared and organized, professional, easy to understand, calm, she made the atmosphere very relaxing! Even though my very target was to get Level 6 , I’ve got level 5 but this is actually and most probably my level right now! Thus, modestly, I’m pretty happy and satisfied with the result obtained! 

  • Samuel

    ICAO English candidate

    Well, what’s my test experience feedback about? None other then super positive! Great experience! 

  • Oliver

    Language Examiner candidate

    I am glad to let you know that the Language Examiner course is great. We got an amazing instructor and his experience is key to the success of this great course. He also handed out a brief of being a English Language Proficiency Examiner that he made by himself.

  • Ray

    LPE Training Candidate
    LPE Training Course Instructor is very rigorous, he listens to our feedback and he gives prompt feedback also. I can see that Aero Language wants us all to grade at the same standards and the material and coaching allows us to do that.
    All in all, it's being professional, interesting and rewarding.
  • Florian

    ICAO English candidate

    It was a great pleasure working with your team and I will definitively recommend you within our flying club.

    We were able to schedule the exam within just a few days and Tomáš was doing a fantastic job!

    First, he explained in detail how the exam will proceed and made it very comfortable to actually take it.

    The Zoom session worked flawlessly, and I received the final exam results on the same day.

  • Godefroy

    ICAO English candidate

    It was a great experience taking the FCL055 exam.
    Your services are very much appreciated.

  • Capt. Yuri

    ICAO English candidate

    Thank you. Everything was great. Good luck and prosperity

  • Samuel

    ICAO English candidate
    Thanks for your service! Yesterday I gave the proficiency exam as you could see from the exam details above! I would like to spend two words about the test and the examiner ! It has been just simply amazing! I did enjoy it ! Ya I’ve got level 5 and that is most probably my own very level without hiding my intention to get 6 ! I speak English on regular basis and I’ve been leaving in South Africa for years! Plus,  10 % of my blood is American , this is from the side of my mom father , my grandfather! 
    But Am really happy about getting 5 I would do better in 6 year time! With this 
    I then you very much 
    Wishing you all the best! 
  • Richard

    ICAO English candidate

    I must compliment your examiner Tomas on his professionalism and friendly personality. Great to see this in the aviation industry and I will be definitely recommending your business to others.

  • Tomaž

    ICAO English Candidate

    I would like to thank you for the excellent experience taking the English proficiency exam. Everything was on a really high level.

    The language examiner Anže is very professional.

  • Dmytro

    ICAO English candidate

    Dear Aero Language!

    Thank you for the professional and cooperative assessment.  I want to note the professionalism of the language examiners and the assessment process.  I will gladly recommend you to my colleagues. 
  • Vladlen

    ICAO English candidate

    Thank you! Everything was very good and I will definitely recommend Aero Language to my friends.

  • Constantin

    ICAO English candidate
    I would like to say that I had a great experience.
    Training was excellent as well as the examination.
    I wish you all the best onwards.
    Thank you! 
  • Iegor

    ICAO English candidate

    Everything  was cool and fast! I really liked your team. Thanks a lot. See you next time.

  • Ilyin

    ICAO English candidate

    Aero Language has excellent instructors. Everything is super! I will recommend to colleagues.

  • Thomas

    ICAO English

    I was a little bit nervous about the English proficiency assessment.

    But the training helped a lot to pass the ICAO English test. I think it's great that training and assessment could be made online. 

  • Dominique

    Language examiner course
    A clear, informative and well conducted course.
    To keep it short I would say that I was very satisfied and very happy to participate in this course.
  • Numa

    ICAO English

    First of all, I would like to  thank you for the service. It was fast and easy to register. Then, condition of exam and ICAO Examiner were perfect. The Language examiner explained very well how the exam will happen and made the general atmosphere smooth and confortable. Your service is great. Don t change anything.

  • Daniel

    Language examiner training

    The Language Examiner course was very good. As a British native and English teacher for over 5 years, the course was exactly how I expected it to be. The instructor was great. He has a very dynamic teaching method and shared many of his personal experiences with us, which allowed us to fully understand all aspects of becoming a language proficiency examiner.

  • Anźe

    ICAO English examiner

    Thank you again for the excellent training and I am looking forward to the mutual cooperation.

  • Christian

    ICAO English

    I am very satisfied. Everybody was professional and responsive. I am very glad I found you guys.
    Thank you for everything

  • Capt. Venko

    ICAO English exam

    Based on my experience of taking the ICAO English proficiency test I have to say that I am very pleased with the current system. As for the examiner Nikola, he has done superb job.

  • Daniel

    Language Examiner Training
    The first session was very good. 
    Course Instructor showed us in detail all the information required to be a proficient LPE
  • Anźe

    Language Examiner Training

    It was an interesting and relaxed lecture. No unnecessary information, it was kept to the point. Looking forward to the rest of the course. 

  • Albert

    ICAO English exam

    I have to say that it’s been a pleasure working with you. Excellent service and very nice and professinal staff. Petra was just super nice and professional. Gave me all the info and introduction needed. Process was simple and smooth with with very high standards.

  • Harry

    ICAO English exam
    Thanks for your reactivity and strong support concerning my request.
    I will definitely  recommend your service,
  • Michael

    Language Examiner Training

    The training was really good, Course instructor appears to be a very good trainer…. The topics were presented professionally but not too „dry“… it’s been a live session with good interaction with the participants.  

  • Yousra

    Language Examiner Training
    Lecturer is very instructive and we have learnt a lot since the beginning of the training thanks. 
    Cannot wait to be part of the Aero Language team :-) 
  • Albert

    Language Examiner Training

    Lecturer is explaining well, listening to our questions and answering them, flexible with the schedule to help us with our obligations without sacrificing any content. He has provided us with a summary of the key topics and this is a great help as there is quite some material / knowledge to absorb.

    Quality training in a focused but relax atmosphere.

  • Agnieszka

    ICAO English

    Thank you for your professionalism, an excellent on-time performance and your very good customer service. I am very impressed with your approach and a very efficient communication. 

    I would highly recommend it to the other aviators.
  • Dmitrij

    ICAO English
    First of all, I’d like to thank all the examiners that were involved in the grading. I greatly appreciate Your expert opinions and I’m extremely happy with the result of my exam.
    The entire process was conducted in a competent manner. From my very first email, I was well informed and always received a quick response. 
    I don’t think there’s anything You can improve upon. Everything was done professionally and expeditiously.
  • Jan

    Language proficiency examiner

    The training was great, the atmosphere is very nice and cheerful. Great thing is that no question remains without being answered. I am pleased to cooperate with Aero Language.

  • Paul

    ICAO English exam

    The team is really on the top!
    They put You  in a confident ambiance and have prefessional approach
    Thanks to all the staff

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