Flight school

Flight training in a flight school is often accompanied by an ICAO English exam.

All services provided in ProfiPilot Group are closely linked to aviation community. Our ProfiPilot Academy flight school provides flight training. Aero Language provides aviation language services to pilots and student pilots in ProfiPilot Academy flight school, but also to applicants from elsewhere.

ProfiPilot Academy flight school provides elementary training of aviation communication and radio-phraseology to student pilots on their way to obtain private pilot license - PPL(A) or light aircraft pilot license - LAPL(A). Apart from the aviation communication and radio-phraseology, Aero Language enters the process of flight training in the form of ICAO English exam preparation course.

ICAO English exam is also provided by Aero Language as a member of ProfiPilot group. ICAO English Exams as well as IFR English Exams are provided by ICAO language examiners.

In case some of your qualifications are expired, can provide the necessary training and proficiency check required for the qualification renewal or revalidation.

In ProfiPilot Group, you can be sure you have the full scope of flight training services provided under one roof.