ICAO English exam

ICAO English exam is a must for all professional pilots.

We are providing the ICAO English testing for pilots and air traffic controllersICAO English Exams as well as IFR English Exams are provided by qualified language proficiency examiners. If you are not sure about your level of English or you would like to brush-up your language proficiency, our course instructors will warmly welcome you to the ICAO English refresher courses prior your language assessment.

ICAO English exam can be administered in person, provided one of our many examiners is available close to your venue. Nevertheless, we prefer to provide online ICAO English exams due to limitless flexibility and convenience of everybody involved. The exam takes approximately 25 - 35 minutes to complete. 

Le Language exam

ICAO English exam is the most common service we provide to our clients. We strive to provide everything pilots, trainees and student pilots need. Therefore, you can also be interested in our ICAO English Refresher course, which will brush-up your knowledge and skills necessary to pass the ICAO English exam.

If you are a future IFR pilot, you might also be interested in taking the IR English Exam. We are one of the few organizations in the region authorized to provide this exam. And apart from that, we love cooperation. If you are a flight school, an airline, or a trainer of English, we have something to offer you as well.


ICAO English
ICAO English

IE ICAO English Exam

The Online ICAO English Exam can be performed by any of our language proficiency examiners. We provide the exam in accordance with the ICAO and EASA standards. You will be assigned an ICAO English level depending on your level and knowledge of English. Each level of ICAO English has a specific validity pattern, which has to be revalidated to keep the language proficiency valid.  ICAO English Level 6 has an unlimited validity for pilots and it is valid for 10 years for air traffic controllers.

Our language proficiency certificates are issued in accordance with the ICAO and EASA standards. Our ICAO English exams are therefore valid and recognized not only by EASA member states. We have administered the language proficiency exams for many non-EASA states such as South Korea, South Africa, Serbia and many more.


IE ICAO English validity

Depending on your language skills, the ICAO English exam is rated on a scale from 0 (pre-elementary) to 6 (expert). Operational level starts at Level 4.

Depending on the ICAO Level achieved, your ICAO English exam has following validity:

  • LEVEL 4 - 4 years
  • LEVEL 5 - 6 years
  • LEVEL 6 - unlimited (only for pilots)
ICAO English
ICAO English

IE ICAO English Certificate

If you agree with the results of the ICAO English exam, you will be issued a language proficiency certificate. The certificate and its appendix is an official document. The Authority issuing your license (SOLI - state of license issue) will also be notified of your results automatically. You can request the state of license issue to have your ICAO English qualification endorsed into your license. Some states allow examiners or testing providers to endorse the qualification into licenses themselves. If this happens to be your case, we will be happy to do it. In other cases, however, the qualification will have to be endorsed by the Authority of the SOLI. This is usually done by taking your old license and issuing you a brand new one.

IE ICAO English Exam Process

The ICAO English exam itself does takes  25-35 minutes. To be safe however, it is better if you set aside at least an hour. 

The exam contains a number of sections. Our language proficiency examiner will be talking to you and asking questions. You should expect a fluent conversation rather than technical aviation communication. Be as fluent and precise as you can. 

The examiner is mainly interested in your:

  • pronunciation
  • grammatical structures
  • vocabulary
  • fluency
  • comprehension
  • interaction


ICAO English
ICAO English

IE ICAO English Level

International regulations require your ICAO English exams to be rated by at least two independent language proficiency examiners. First rating is performed while taking your ICAO English exam. Second rating is performed separately within our Aero Language network. The final ICAO English level is determined by the lowest obtained score from all sections. If the score given by examiner and the rater do not match, a third independent rater decides on your final score. This is, of course, our internal process, and you are not required to sit another exam. If you are not satisfied with your final ICAO English level, you can appeal. However, this has to be done within 24 hours of learning about the results.

EI EASA IR English Exam

EASA IR English exam is required by the FCL.055(d). A pilot needs to be a holder of IR English in order to get the Instrument Rating to be endorsed into the licence. Flight examiner simulates communication between the pilot and the ATC and giving you the score in the real time. IR English exam can be specifically useful for flight schools providing flight training for instrument rating. The flight examiner takes on the role of an ATC, and the applicant takes on the role of an IFR pilot. This is to make sure the applicant is able to use English during IFR flight.

As a part of the IR English exam, the examiner focuses mainly on applicant's ability to respond to the all normal and abnormal situations including the pre-flight preparation, briefing, de-briefing and evaluation of the operational and meteorological information.

ICAO English