ICAO English Exam Process

ICAO English Exam Process simple and clear in 4 steps...

Step 1: Registration

First, we need to get to know you a bit. We need to know your name, who you are, what profession you have. Also, we might need some further information in order to provide you the best service possible. The application is an official document which can be filled out electronically on our website. However, we prefer if you send it as an interactive PDF format. In ProfiPilot group, we have a system of data protection in accordance with GDPR standards. Your personal data are safe with us.

Based on the application, you'll be contacted by one of our language examiners, with whom you'll agree the details of the exam such as place and date.

Step 2: Exam

The ICAO English exam itself does not take more than 25-35 minutes. To be safe however, it is better if you set aside at least an hour. We are flexible and able to provide the ICAO English exam on an ad-hoc basis. The exam cannot begin without the exam fee fully paid.

Our examiner who will have meanwhile prepared all the administrative materials needed for the exam will be waiting for you at the place you agreed on.

The exam contains a number of sections. Our examiner will be talking to you and asking questions. You should expect a fluent conversation rather than technical aviation communication. Be as fluent and precise as you can. The examiner will be rating sections of the exam simultaneously with examining you.

The exam is divided into the following parts:

  • conversation
  • describing aviation themed picture
  • reading and translation of aviation themed text
  • listening comprehension and reproduction of phraseology recording

The examiner is mainly interested in your:

  • pronunciation
  • grammatical structures
  • vocabulary
  • fluency
  • comprehension
  • interaction

After the exam, you will simply shake hands (you don't have to if you don't want to actually...) and leave. You will be informed about your ICAO English exam results via email.

Step 3: Rating

International regulations require all ICAO English exams to be rated by at least two independent language professionals. First rating is performed synchronously with the exam. Second rating is performed separately by an independent rater within our Aero Language network. It is important that the examiner's and the rater's ratings of ICAO English level concur. The final ICAO English level is determined by the lowest rated section. If the examiner and the rater do not agree on the same ICAO English level, a third independent rater enters the process, assesses your skills, and determines the final ICAO English level. This is, of course, our internal process, and you are not required to sit another exam. If you are not satisfied with your final ICAO English level, you can appeal. However, this has to be done within 24 hours of learning about the results.

Depending on your language skills, the ICAO English exam is rated on a scale from 0 (pre-elementary) to 6 (expert). Operational level starts at Level 4.

Depending on the ICAO Level achieved, your ICAO English exam has following validity:

  • LEVEL 4 - 3 years pursuant to ICAO and 4 years pursuant to Regulation No. 1178/2011
  • LEVEL 5 - 6 years
  • LEVEL 6 - unlimited (only for pilots)

Step 4: Certificate

If you agree with the results of the ICAO English exam, you will be issued a language proficiency certificate. The certificate is an official document. The Authority regulating your license (SOLI - state of license issue) will also be notified of your results. You can request the state of license issue to have your ICAO English qualification endorsed into your license. Some states allow examiners or testing providers to endorse the qualification into licenses themselves. If this happens to be your case, we will be happy to do it. In other cases, however, the qualification will have to be endorsed by the Authority of the SOLI. This is usually done by taking your old license and issuing you a brand new one.