ICAO English Exam

ICAO English is a must. Similar to type rating or medical.

Since 2008, if you are a pilot or an ATC communicating in English or in contact with international air traffic, you are required to pass the ICAO English Language Exam. The only case when you don't need the ICAO Exam is when you don't fly internationally.

The ICAO English Exam can be performed by any of our Aero Language network examiner. We provide the exam in accordance with the ICAO and EASA requirements. Depending on your level and knowledge of English, you will be conferred an ICAO Level and depending on the Level conferred, you will be assigned the ICAO English Exam validity. ICAO English Level 6 has an unlimited validity for pilots.

Our certificates of language ICAO English proficiency are issued in accordance with the ICAO and EASA regulations. Our ICAO English Language exams are therefore valid and accepted internationally.

Apart from that, before taking the ICAO English Language exam, you can take part in our ICAO English Preparation Course.


Aero Language as a registered trademark of ProfiPilot s.r.o. is authorized by the Slovak Transport Authority to provide training and examination of aviation English in accordance with the ICAO Doc 9835 and the European Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011 (Part - FCL). ProfiPilot Academy fligh school provides high-quality flight training.