Language services

We know aviation English inside out.

ICAO English exam is the most frequently provided service in Aero Language. We strive to provide everything pilots and student pilots need. Therefore, you can also be interested in our ICAO English exam preparation course, which will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful ICAO English exam.

If you are a future IFR pilot, you might also be interested in taking the IR English Exam. We are one of the few organizations in the region authorized to provide this exam. And apart from that, we love cooperation. If you are a flight school, an airline, or a trainer of English, we have something to offer you as well.

Almost all services provided by Aero Language to individuals can also be provided on a business-to-business basis.

Therefore, your flight school, airline, or flying club can manage aviation English with the help of Aero Language. If you are a language trainer, Aero Language can provide you with ICAO language examiner training allowing you to provide ICAO English exams yourself. It's up to you if you provide the exams under you own brand, or under ours.

For pilots already having a pilot license, we offer further modular flight training provided by our flight school. ProfiPilot Academy provides a wide range of flight courses ranging from private pilot license training to ATLP(A).

If your qualification expires, ProfiPilot Academy can provide flight training in order to revalidate or renew the expired qualification along with the license proficiency check itself.

Flight training provided by ProfiPilot Academy can be combined with Aero Language, Flight Examiner, and senior flight examiner services. Hence, you can get the flight training along with flight exam, and ICAO English exam under one roof of ProfiPilot group.