ICAO English Course

ICAO English course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for the ICAO language exam.

ICAO English preparation course will get you ready for the ICAO English exam. However, the ICAO English preparation course is not just a period of cramming before the ICAO English exam. To minimize the so-called "washback effect", we take great effort to train you effectively.

The ICAO English preparation course consists of two parts - a technical part and the preparation for the ICAO English exam itself. In the second part, we simulate the process of real-life ICAO English exam. This way, you get the opportunity to experience the exam in its real-life form and you get a feedback from our ICAO English language examiner as well.

You can take part in the ICAO English preparation course on-site or distance mode. If you chose the distance mode, you only need a laptop or tablet along with a good internet connection. The course can either be provided one to one, or in small groups.