Professional Flight Training

High-quality flight training - easy to say, hard to actually do it...

In European space, flight training can only be provided by a flight school. Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011 recognizes two types of flight schools - DTO authorized to provide only limited flight trainings and ATO authorized to provide full-scale professional flight trainings.

Flight training provided by our partner ProfiPilot Academy ATO offers a wide range of courses. The quality is ensured by its ProfiPilot ATO management. The flight instructors and flight examiners operating in the ProfiPilot Academy have many years of experience in various areas of aviation.

The professional flight training provided by ProfiPilot Academy ranges from license skill tests such as private pilot license PPL(A) to SEP(Land) class rating, instrument flight rules rating (IFR), and multi-engine rating IR(A)/ME(SPA) for future aviation professionals.

Flight instructors and examiners in ProfiPilot Academy have experience from a wide range of aviation operations ranging from military, training, to commercial operations.

Thanks to our team of professional flight instructors, our partner organization flight school Bratislava - ProfiPilot ATO provides type rating for a number of airliners as well. If you are on the way to airliner cockpit, you might be interested in multi-crew cooperation MCC training.

If your qualification expires, ProfiPilot Academy can provide flight training in order to revalidate or renew the expired qualification along with the license proficiency check itself.

Flight training provided by ProfiPilot Academy can be combined with Aero Language, Flight Examiner, and senior flight examiner services. Hence, you can get the flight training along with flight exam, and ICAO English exam under one roof of ProfiPilot group.