Aviation Communication

Aviation communication is one of the few options to tell the language skills of a pilot on the frequency.

Aviation communication and radio-phraseology are subjects, which should be taught in every flight school during flight training. Effective communication training should be one of the very first parts of flight training. Flight training in order to obtain a private pilot license - PPL(A) or a light aircraft pilot license - LAPL(A) contains both theoretical and practical aspects of aviation communication.

In our case, ProfiPilot Academy flight school provides aviation communication and radio-phraseology training as a part of our EASA approved flight courses.

Aviation communication and radio-phraseology are parts of flight training at flight school. Aviation communication and its effective execution on the frequency is one of the ways to spot a professional pilot.

If flight training provided by your flight school wasn't exactly as it should've been, Aero Language will show you how speak aviation language effectively. We can therefore supplement flight training provided by a different flight school.

The aviation communication preparation course and the radio-phraseology course are provided in either English or Slovak language. You will mainly learn communication procedures during VFR flights, which are specific for flight training.

Every flight school should administer the radio-phraseology exam before PPL or LAPL trainee's first solo flight at the latest. If you, however, still feel unsure about flying at busy airports, wel'll gladly help you improve your communication skills.