Flight training and language school

ICAO English training and much more...

Saving your time and money. The preparation flight training offered by ProfiPilot Flight School and Aero Language will effectively equip you for both flight exam and the ICAO English Exam.

We won't pass the exam for you, but we'll do everything we can to equip you with the required knowledge and skills.

Flight training is provided by ProfiPilot Group and we strive to provide only the highest quality services. We provide all services ranging from training to exams under one roof, whether it is by our flight school ProfiPilot Academy, or by one of our partner organizations in Europe.

In case some of your qualifications are expired, in ProfiPilot Academy, you have an opportunity to have your qualifications revalidated or renewed by a flight examiner. And in case you are or want to become an examiner yourself, you might be interested in our senior flight examiner service.