Language Trainers

We'll show you how to provide ICAO English exam. By the way, there's no need to be from aviation business.

The ICAO English Exam and the ICAO English preparation course can become a solid side income.

In Aero Language, we'll show you what's what about aviation English, show you how to administer the ICAO English Exams, and along that, we'll teach you what the ICAO English level is and how to asses it. If you do not work in aviation, we'll introduce you basic aviation and technical matters. We won't make a pilot of you, but you'll become familiar with the needed aviation-related background.

You can provide the ICAO English Exams and the ICAO English preparation courses as a stand-alone service under your own brand. Or, if interested, you can make use of our franchising. It's entirely up to you and up to our agreement.

Interested in learning more on how a trainer of English language becomes an ICAO English examiner? Contact Aero Language.