Flight Schools

Your flight school provides a high-quality flight raining but lacks ICAO English service? The ICAO English exam might come in handy. Aero Language provides a wide range of opportunities for flight schools.

Aero Language is authorized to provide ICAO English exams. Apart from that, Aero Language may have authorizations that your flight school lacks, but could make use of. The ICAO English exam is required for all international flights for all pilots including pilots in training.

It all depends on you and on the scope of your flight training. We can tailor our cooperation to your needs.

It is therefore possible for the pilots who will be trained by your flight school to undertake radio-phraseology exam and the ICAO English exam before commencing or during the training itself.

We are, however, able to offer flight schools much more. If you are a Approved training organization certified flight school, we can offer you IR English exam in accordance with FCL.055, which we provide as the only organization in Slovakia. Also, we can take care of services focusing predominantly on aviation communication. Your school will therefore have one less matter to take care for as we can manage the whole administrative process.

Interested in learning more about our offers for flight schools? Contact Aero Language.

Flight exam with a qualified examiner for your students? Our flight examiners provide the testings exactly as needed, required, and expected.