Flight Examiners

Aviation English training and ICAO English exam can become a part of skill tests that you provide.

If you are a flight examiner administering flight exams, Aero Language gives you an opportunity to extend your examiner ratings. Afterwards, you can provide the ICAO English Exams as a part of license, revalidation, and renewal flight exams. Also, you can provide the ICAO English Exams as a part of operator proficiency check - OPC on a flight simulator.

Many pilots will surely appreciate this service as they can effectively save time by hitting two birds with one stone.

If you need to administer instrument flight rating skill test and the applicant is a fresh IFR pilot, you can administer the IFR skill test along with the IR English exam.

How to get a language proficiency examiner rating? It's simple - you give us a call.

Flight exam with a qualified examiner for your students? Our flight examiners provide the testings exactly as needed, required, and expected by EASA.

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